The 7 Laws of Logos and the lower aspects of them

Greetings, Sanjaya JSM here. Today’s topic will be „The 7 Laws of Logos and the lower aspects of them”.
This topic is very important, it is topical all the time, because we live in the great Logos, we think with the Logos, everything here is Logos. But in order to understand anything of this, you have to act according to the principle of divide and conquer. This Logos, this is such a Spirit, and it can be divided into 3 parts, or according to the 7 Laws of Life, into 7 parts. That’s why it’s divided, to digest it more, to understand it more.
There are many so-called „spirituality teachers”, various gurus, spirituals masters and so on. And they don’t say a word about the Logos, about the Laws of Life, they just bullshit there about some golden energies, chakras, vibrations, and from such chatter, it doesn’t result in anything. It is only giving false hopes and burdening the mind with unnecessary information.
And there is such a channel , „Your new consciousness”, supposedly an expert on consciousness, and it’s just empty talk. He made a statement about the Seven Laws of Logos. He said it correctly, but nothing comes out of it. Nothing comes out of such materialistic talk, it is just a burden on the mind. The Law of Mentalism sounds nice, but what is it? The Law of Conformity, but what is it? He didn’t explain anything, he didn’t connect it, and neither did he elaborate, he didn’t connect it to ordinary life as it should be understood.
There was another playboy who also talked something about the Laws of Life. The Law of Mentalism, as the second something he mentioned.

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